Our Services

Digital and Omnichannel Programme Management

At AnZ Digital, we solely attribute one factor as the source of our success in delivering Innovative Digital and Omnichannel solutions to our customers, Focus. Whilst providing customized solutions to our valuable clients, we have always conscientiously maintained and developed our expertise in certain domains and industries.

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Web & Mobile Development

We adapt ourselves to the business needs of our clients and add professionalism and insight to each project to come up with something fresh and completely out of the box! Our team closely works with our clients to produce high-quality websites and mobile applications that maximize on this highly popular media.

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Web Hosting Solutions

AnZ Digital offers Web hosting solutions to both individuals and organizations. With our state of the art data servers, 24 hours support, 99.5% uptime guarantee and consistent innovation in services you simply won't find a better value for your money!

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Following are the major e-marketing services provided by AnZ Digital:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-News letter and Email Marketing

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At AnZ Digital, we offer expert consultation services delivered by our team of seasoned professionals. Whether you require short-term assistance, project-specific guidance, or comprehensive end-to-end support to deliver your projects.

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AnZ Digital Work Flow Process


The purpose of the Envisioning Phase is to build a shared vision of the project among all the key stakeholders. By creating a broad but intuitive view of the project’s goals and constraints, the Envisioning Phase begins to define the scope of the project, and sets the stage for the more formal and detailed planning effort that will come later, in the Planning Phase


The application’s architecture is defined during the Planning Phase. The application architecture is based on the conceptual, business, logical, and physical design models.


The goal of the Developing Phase is to deliver an application that meets all stated expectations and is ready for external testing.


During this phase, all known issues are resolved before delivery, and any tasks needed for support and ongoing maintenance of the product are completed. This phase seeks to tie up the loose ends. Documentation, release notes, final “bug fixing” and project deployment are all part of this phase. A significant aspect of this phase is that the customer and users begin significant testing of the system.